Jan 4, 2015

oh, my not so gliterry new year post

2015 started off quietly, and kind of nicely. But who am I kidding, only 5 days into the new year and I've already had a headache and this so-confused-and-tired-I-just-feel-like-breakdown-and-cry moment. I am sorry to post such a depressing blog post in a beginning of a new year where everything is supposed to be bright and cherry and filled with new hopes. But I guess maybe I'll just start this year with sorrowful and confused blog post, find a way to deal with it and leave everything behind, and fill the rest of the year with good things.

So what gives this depressing blog post? Uh, so here goes... something I've kept to myself (in the blogsphere, at least), I've been feeling uncomfortable in my work space, and have been looking for a new one so I can resign as soon as I can but have yet to get any call, which makes everything even more depressing. It feels like I'm losing a part of myself on daily basis, and that is not a good thing.

I would write a long rant about how I don't feel like growing here, or how I don't feel like anything, or that I simply dislike my boss(?) *he's not even my boss* but that would only bring more negativity... I mean, the fact that my other team-mates are already resigning speaks a lot, right?

I wonder if I should just go crazy and resign for the hell of it and be a jobless person and try to do business or something but of course I don't have the guts to do so (or do I?) because life isn't about sunshine and rainbows and unicorns but I sure do hope so.

Krissy wrote something about a dog sitting on a nail, kept sitting on it because it doesn't hurt enough yet. I remember this particular post clearly because I can totally relate to it, and I kept thinking about it, because it feels like I'm that dog right now and am whining and crying because I'm sitting on a nail. So why am I not moving away? Could it be because I am afraid I wouldn't get another seat? Or because I'm afraid of getting yet another painful nail to sit on? Or worse, have I became used to the pain? Why do I keep hurting myself?

Honestly, as I am writing this, I feel like crawling under my table and just cry because everything is so confusing and tiring, and I still can't find a way out yet. I don't know what do, not sure what I can do to make everything better, I'm just so.. lost.

Once again I'm really sorry to start the new year with a confused blog post, hopefully things will get better and brighter and I will find the answer I need soon.

Nov 26, 2014

My first Ever Purchase from Jolse Review

Good day, everyone! Today I will be reviewing (or more like, you know, bragging) about my first experience buying things from jolse

Jolse is a beauty site selling beauty products (like of course) straight from Korea. Wee... by now you all should know my obsession towards Korean beauty products! Hehe..

Anyway, out of all online beauty shops I've ever tried (and trust me, I've tried a lot). Jolse's gotta be the most generous on giving samples and bonus, I mean... look!

Guess what I originally bought? I only bought three items, guys! This was my first purchase so I didn't dare to buy too much but meep meep~! So happy when the package came 

Another thing that makes me really love shopping here is that I can choose the 'free shipping' methods! LOL, I know I know.. I'm such a cheapskate... but if you want to be safer and able to keep track on where your package is, they offer standard shipping (with tracking number) for $ 2.50 and $22 for EMS shipping if you need your package to arrive faster and trackable.

So here are the things I actually bought and some little reviews on them.

IT'S SKINsupersize pore tightener
This one is HUGE, I tell you. I mean, that's one reason why I bought it, hehe... it's 400 ml and I think can last a whole lifetime (okay, not really). It is comparable to my previous Etude House's Wonder Pore which was 500ml (!!!). IT'S SKIN supersize pore tightener smells citrus-y and nothing too strong or overwhelming. And it does its job nicely, I think. I still have to use it more to know, though.

Etude HousePlay Therapy Wash off Pack Brigthening UP!
I'm running out of my Holika Holika Premium Milk Sheep Yogurt with Greentea, which I love so much. So I was looking for a new wash off pack and found pretty nice reviews of this Etude House Play Therapy Wash off Pack Brigthening UP!. I love how big it is (150 ml) and it's really quite cheap for the amount. My verdict about this product? l love that it moisturizes my face, and it does make my skin brighter. So yay!

Galactomyces 95 White Power Essence 100 ml
There is not much reviews I found for this product, I guess COSRX is a new brand? I'm not sure, but I was in love with their adorable art accompanying the product. Also, it's 100ml which is quite a lot for an essence (guess you've found out how much of a cheapskate person I am by now).
And boy, did it work miracle and make me super happy! Yay! COSRX Galactomyces 95 White Power Essence has a really runny/watery texture so I had a little confusion at first on how much should I apply on my face, I've found out that even a single pump is enough for my whole face, weeee~! Okay, so this magic essence makes my skin soooo smooooth and moisturized and become a perfect canvas before make up.

About the samples, I haven't took a pic of them yet... heheh.. but they are just so many, and most of them are my favorites too! Meeeeep~!

So to say, I am really  satisfied with this purchase, and am thinking of buying more :p

The great news is they are having a HUGE sale now with the black friday approaching. So go-go-go and grab everything fast~!

*this post was not sponsored by jolse (I wish it was, though.. hahah) it was purely my impression of shopping there for the first time and being utterly satisfied with the things I bought and their service.

Nov 11, 2014

On life, 11.11, and reopening

Howdy, little lovelettes! (yes, I just  made that one up)

Did you miss me? Did ya? Did ya? Okay, maybe not but I surely hope so. My life's been on this I-m-not-sure-where-I-am-but-I'm-getting-there phase lately, so yeah~ just gotta enjoy the ride as much as I can.

Weekend's been busy, filled with pile of works and events and such (like Jakarta Fashion Week, and many of the opening stores every weekend). Pretty tiring and getting kinda boring if you look from one side but at the same time, it's pretty exciting and challenging if I dare see from the brighter side.

Also, I've been forcing myself to be more... creative~ as in create more stuff, draw more, write more, read more... just simply do more things. I still feel kinda empty and lonely at times but nothing a day off or two can't fix.

Anyways, I am here now to officially (re)open my pretty little shop. I've created some more products (pouch) with my artwork, so you can bring it everywhere now instead of it sitting (or hanging) pretty on your wall. I will also try to make notebooks, phone case, and other stuffs with my artworks later.

For now, in this special day 11.11 (or also known as pepero day in Korea -pepero: stick snack just like pocky) I will reopen my little store so you can shop again there. And I'm having this special discount, only $11 for all pouches! Yay! This promo will end by the end of the month so go go go shop right now! *ahem* do I sound too forceful? *awkward grins*

I've only shot four pics of my pouches, so there is still only four pouches available on the store but actually I have almost all my artworks printed for the pouch. So if you want to purchase the pouch but don't see the artwork you want there, you may want to shoot me an email and I will check if the said artwork is available. (I will shoot some more pics tomorrow! Promise!)

So, happy shopping!

Oct 23, 2014

So Maybe I'm Lonely

it's 8am here in my place and usually I am on my way to the office at this hour, but since today is a special case where I don't have to go to the office (I'll go to another place instead) I'll use this opportunity to revive this poor little bloglette.

I wonder, is blogsphere not so in anymore? Because it seems quieter here. Anyway, I'll keep writing, heheh...

So here I am working in a fashion retail company, away from my parents and friends but then again my friends are scattered anywhere anyway so no matter where I am I just have to accept the fact that things aren't the same anymore.

While I do have friends here in the office, it somehow feels different. Because everyone is married or dating or busy and here I am the lonely little woman trying to rack her brain on who to eat dinner together with.

Do I sound so pitiful? Er... sometimes I feel so. I mean, It was fairly easy before to hang out randomly and just call anyone to accompany me somewhere but now it's like the hardest task I've ever wanted to do.

Maybe it's me? Maybe I should be more... I don't know.. open? I thought I was open enough but maybe not really? Ugh... I'm not sure what my problem is. I feel kinda lonely sometimes here in this new place. And I'm getting bored of the same routines but at the same time have made it my comfort zone.

This is bad! I hate comfort zone! They stopped me from growing, and I shouldn't feel comfortable about it! Oops... sorry, do I sound like I am whining? Daymmm.. maybe I am >_<

anyway, I will try my best to update again soon, like... seriously I have so many things I want to share (or note down and remember) but I found myself too lazy to do so, and laziness is a bad thing and I should distance myself from it.

Guess I'll have to keep moving and going and running and crawling and swimming and everything!
Here's to a better today! *cheers* *clinks glasses*

Wow, this is pretty random. I'm sorry! *BOWS*

Aug 15, 2014

Hello Beautiful!

It was during working hours that I made some drawings on my laptop. You know, since my job does require drawing nobody really noticed, lol. In my defense, I'd say I've done my part of the job and I was bored so a little drawing won't hurt, right?

I saw miss Katie on facebook showing her latest project to "Call someone you love", "Write Someone You Love", etc. and I thought it was really cool. How long has it been since the last time you wrote letters to someone you love? 

I mean, in the old days we use letters all the time, my mom still have the love letters my dad sent her when he was courting her, and isn't that the cutest thing? I would want my lover to send me a letter too, because sometimes there are words that are hard to say and will flow better through writing.

I've always been fascinated by writing in all form, be it letters, postcards, or even emails and blog posts (and comments!) because well, the essence is to let others know what you feel, but let's admit, there is something a little bit more special in hand-written letters, right?

Remember when I said I wanted to revive my artwork line? I guess the first product will be postcard. I will try to make them special, and maybe I will have a little project to send postcards to you lovely readers. Actually I'm not sure and a little bit scared, I mean... this blog has been so quiet and well, starting a business is always thrilling and exciting so yeah, fingers crossed, wish me luck! Until then, I will greet you with one of the postcard designs.

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